The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings

The heartbeat background sound effect is the reason I usually try to avoid drinking Cat Potions in the Witcher 2. It is a somewhat annoying sound that can drown out …

Dark Souls 2

The death scream of the female character in Dark Souls 2 sounds so odd, it almost made me laugh the first time I heard it.

ROSE online

Most sounds in this MMORPG are static. This is very evident when certain skills are used consecutively and rapid (when fighting for example).

Astra iOS

Beautifull and nice game, yet the chaotic and dissonant soundtrack is very annoying and distracting.

Gta Vice city – Ipad

Classic game implementation for an i-pad, just the placing of sounds in a 3-D world is quite cumbersome, and the loops of some engines are a bit annoying.

Deer Hunter Classic

The final mix is terrible, too heavy on mid-low’s. No round robin. Everything is loud, no natural atmospherics.


De voiceover is hier totaal niet in sync met het beeld. Dit is wel vaker het geval in MMO’s en dus een ‘soort van’ geaccepteerd (off-sync audio in het algemeen …