ROSE online

Most sounds in this MMORPG are static. This is very evident when certain skills are used consecutively and rapid (when fighting for example).

No Man’s Sky

Despite the fact that the developer promised a world of ‘infinite world and possibilities’ which wasn’t really true. The audio aspect was something of which I really was impressed. The …

Astra iOS

Beautifull and nice game, yet the chaotic and dissonant soundtrack is very annoying and distracting.

Gta Vice city – Ipad

Classic game implementation for an i-pad, just the placing of sounds in a 3-D world is quite cumbersome, and the loops of some engines are a bit annoying.


Soundtrack goes very well with hypnotising and space game experience, there is also a nice time-shift game function synced with the soundtrack. The sound fx are aesthetically complete and nice …

Deer Hunter Classic

The final mix is terrible, too heavy on mid-low’s. No round robin. Everything is loud, no natural atmospherics.


Great sfx, music and foley. Game dynamics stand tall because of the decision to keep music limited to important moments. Game audio mostly focuses on atmosphere and textures.