Lone Echo

The game developers obviously went for realism the wich ads alot to the experience of actually being in a spacecentre. The subtle and often lack of music also helps.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice

Almost everything in this game is very satisfying to listen to. I like those binaural voices that are talking in your head. It’s makes you more immersed to the game. …

Black Dessert Online

Compared to the game it’s graphics the sounds are kinda off and ruin te experience, it all sounds very noisy and misses a lot of character, same goes for the …

Zero Wing

Never have a speak and spell do the voice acting. And never have people translating a game to English, who clearly don’t speak English.

Hollow Knight

I like almost everything about the game. De music, ambiences and most sound effects are very well done. But there is one sound that I particularly don’t like, the footsteps. …